February 29, 2024


Last week, I was in Arlington, VA to do a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop with the world’s largest online retailer. 🛒

After my session, I met up with my friend for dinner at Fashion Centre at Pentagon City and after dinner, I decided to head into the mall to check it out. 👀

Serendipity led me to seeing the words “Vision Pro” on the Apple Store glass windows and I was immediately reminded that Apple Stores were demoing the Vision Pro. I wondered, maybe I could get a demo while I’m here. Being from Canada, this isn’t in our market just yet. I’ve been a long time Apple fan (even before Apple was popular) and have been super curious about Vision Pro ever since it was announced. 📣

🍀 Fortunately, there was an opening so I waited excitedly before it began. If you haven’t been to an Apple Store yet, you sign up for a 30 minute demo with an Apple employee who walks you through how to use it and gives you a guided journey through the interface.

As an innovator, I was seriously amazed at what I experienced. Here’s my reflections and takeaways. And note, this isn’t only about Vision Pro, it’s about innovation. 🙌🏻 🚀

➡️ Storytelling is critical in innovation. The Vision Pro Pro is a disruptive device. It’s why there’s so many opinions about it. People are either for or against it. It’s also why I believe Apple gives guided demo experiences. It’s to show you the possibility and potential of the Vision Pro.

Innovation is often met with resistance because of a lack of understanding of what the innovation is or could be. The truth is, not everyone will understand you when you innovate. As innovators, it’s our responsibility to help others see the vision of what that is. 💡

📖 One way we can do that is through storytelling. Apple did this beautifully. I was given different activities to complete and each one showed me the potential of the Vision Pro. I was shown spatial videos, photos, full video immersions and more. I wouldn’t have understood the potential without this experiencing. Kudos to Apple for thinking through this in detail and helping me see what’s possible.

➡️ Innovation is truly disruptive. What Apple is calling spatial computing is seriously amazing. I think this will transform how we experience and capture moments.

Before experiencing it personally, I wasn’t sold on Vision Pro. Lots of people said it’s a glorified VR headset. It’s not. It’s disruptive tech. The 3D spatial videos are unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Imagine being able to capture videos of your own memories and then being able to replay it in 3D. 🎥 It feels like you’re actually there. It feels like you’re relieving the memories again, for real. I watched a birthday celebration and I was presented with a cake and people celebrating with me. It felt real. If this was a real moment with friends and family, I would have totally felt I was reliving it!

In another moment, I was swimming underwater with sea creatures and they were literally all around me… the next, I was on the field of a baseball game where I was watching the game from the field… ! You can’t get these experiences easily. What’s mind blowing about the baseball games, this is going to be available for Vision Pro where you can watch games live from the field! It’s literally mind blowing ! 🤯

✈️ For the travellers out there, after experiencing this, it made me think, I actually have an alternate way to experiencing the world that feels authentic and genuine… and not like I’m just watching something in VR. There’s a huge difference. Humans perceive things in 3D! (It’s why I love LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®! 🧱). I also didn’t realize I can capture spatial videos with my new iPhone 15 Pro Max… Apple is truly building a disruptive platform that is going to change everything. 🤩

➡️ Innovation always starts with a few people getting onboard and then more adopting it. 🙋🏻♂️ Innovation always starts small and then gains traction. You’ll have a few people at the start embracing innovation and over time, more will embrace it. The good thing about this is that you just need to win over the few at the beginning, not everyone. This was what Apple was like back in the day. I started using Macs really early on, before any of my friends did. I was the only guy talking about how cool Apple was for years. Slowly and surely, they all joined onboard the Apple train… and then, Apple was everywhere. Apple’s doing it again with Vision Pro.

➡️ Innovation always starts with a first mover. 🏃🏻 Someone HAS to put a stake in the ground to create a new future. Others will follow. Followers may be competitors, copycats or legit fans. It takes boldness for someone to do something different. People will support their efforts, sit on the sidelines or be naysayers… but the impact will be made. And eventually, others will come around.

Those are my main reflections for the Vision Pro and what it teaches us about innovation. I'm not going to be purchasing it this time around, but I'll be curiously watching and seeing what happens with further iterations. I would prefer something that's lighter, both for the head and the wallet! 🙂

I’d love to know - what are you taking away from this article today? How will you embrace innovation? 💫

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Leo is a people and heart-first entrepreneur who believes everyone can be an innovator. An innovator himself, with 55 US patents and over 20 years of experience, Leo has come alongside organizations like Chick-fil-A and guided them to unleash the innovative potential of their employees by transforming them into confident innovators.

Leo’s friendly, joyful and enthusiastic demeanour makes the journey to innovation exciting and attainable. Leo’s also a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® trainer & facilitator who believes unlocking innovation takes new approaches.

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