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Leo was named the “highest rated innovation speaker at last year’s virtual FEI event” from the Front End of Innovation.

Leo’s presented at conferences on innovation & creativity, including: Front End of Innovation, CreativeMornings, National Restaurant Association, CX Talks, MRMW North America, the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement and the Creative Problem Solving Institute.

In the last quarter of 2021, he'll also be speaking at the Front End of Innovation conference, Story, the IAF Global Summit 2021 and SASE 2021.

Innovation Lab Design

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Leo redesigned Hatch, Chick-fil-A’s 30,000 sq. ft innovation center and transformed it into a driving force of innovation. It’s received glowing feedback from innovators, entrepreneurs and corporates.


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Hatch is a truly an inspired and impassioned endeavour. I love how thoughtful you have been with respect to specifically purposing each of the individual spaces such that folks walking through intuitively tune into the ‘right’ mindset. We work with many innovation partners and end clients and The Hatch is by far the most well designed and most highly inspired space I’ve seen not just in terms of design but also creative content.

Executive Vice President, The Value Engineers

Leo Chan was a newcomer to presenting at our annual Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI). For the last two years, we brought CPSI to our creativity, innovation, and leadership audience, virtually, which presents a challenge to engage and keep folks engaged. We pride ourselves on providing fresh content that is expertly produced and presented and that also connects the audience with interactive activities that make the walls of the virtual space fall away, and create a tangible sense of community. Leo's presentation did just that, and I credit his useful and inspiring presentation to great preparation and a strong sense of his audience as well as a commitment to excellence. We are thrilled to have Leo as a new member of our creativity community, and will invite him to present in the years to come.

Beth Miller ... Executive Director, Creative Education Foundation

I have seen many innovation spaces in my time both in & outside of Disney. Chick-fil-A’s Hatch is a fantastic example of prototyping a flexible hub for innovation. Their use of space is not only inspiring but it's walking the talk of innovation & creativity. Any organization would be lucky to have a space like this.

Former Disney Global Creativity & Innovation Director

As marketers, ideators and innovators we need time and space! Time and space to ponder, to be curious, to play and to create. Hatch is the best space we’ve seen to spend your time innovating productively. A temple for innovation, it is beautifully designed for teams to connect, collaborate and, mentally and physically, flow through the innovation process together.

Executive Vice President, The Value Engineers

The highest rated innovation speaker at last year's 2020 virtual FEI event.

Front End of Innovation

Leo's talk by itself made the two days worth it.

2019 Innovation Summit Conference Participant

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