Build Innovation Capabilities

We build innovation capabilities in organizations through experiential training workshops.

Empowering innovators and innovator-to-bes is our passion. Anyone can become an innovator and we have the know-how to get them there. 

Innovation Training

All of our workshops are done experientially. This makes learning 6x stickier

vs traditional methods. We utilize a variety of methods to make

our workshops engaging, interactive and memorable.

How to innovate:
Unleashing the World of Possibilities

Have you ever been stuck on a problem and couldn't find a way forward? Have you ever wanted to have more ideas with fresh perspectives?

The answer to these questions is found in The Beginner’s Mindset. This mindset is foundational for innovation and creativity.

Through this experiential workshop, participants will experience the transforming power of the beginner’s mindset for themselves. Participants will receive tools and techniques to take a fresh perspective and cultivate the beginner’s mindset as a life-long practice.

How to innovate:
Creating Psychologically Safe Environments for Yourself and Others

Psychological safety is the foundation for innovation.

The creation, sharing and exchange of ideas is the foundation of innovation. However, these things can be vulnerable and scary. This human element of innovation can be the roadblock that prevents organizations from truly innovating.

So how do you create the conditions for success to enable a free flow of ideas in innovation? The answer is psychological safety. 

Psychological safety is foundational for innovation and it's also the most important factor for effective and successful teams (according to Project Aristotle, Google's two year research study on 180 teams.)

In this experiential workshop, participants will learn what it takes to cultivate a healthy environment that empowers courageous innovation. Participants will be equipped with tools to develop this for themselves and others.

How to innovate:
Creating Bigger, Better, Bolder Ideas

Take your ideas to new heights!

Creating better ideas for yourself and your team is an art. Learn to supercharge you and your team's ideas! 

In this session, you’ll get hands-on, practical tips on how to supercharge your next idea sessions and infuse them with innovation and creativity.

You’ll leave this session with ideas and tools on effective ideations that you can implement right away.

How to innovate:
Building a Thriving Culture
of Innovation

Learn the eight key building blocks to create a thriving innovation culture.

Imagine if your company:
• thrived with new ideas because everyone was empowered to innovate
• was insulated from disruption with new revenue streams
• joined the ranks of the world’s most innovative companies

All this could be possible with a thriving culture of innovation. Learn the eight key building blocks of success to create this in your organization.

Leo was rated as the “highest innovation speaker” at the Front End of Innovation Conference in 2020 for this talk.

This workshop involves a keynote and workshop time for each of the key building blocks.

How to innovate: 
Stimulating Creativity

Creativity is the fuel for innovation.

Creativity is the source of innovation - it's what enables individuals to generate ideas, alternatives or possibilities to solve problems. It's also one of the most desired skills for the future of work. 

In this hands-on session, participants will learn what creativity is. They'll be given key principles to stimulate, nurture, and grow their creativity. They'll also be given tools to incorporate creative practices into their lives.


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Training Testimonials

Loved the tips + resources provided to help attendees use and understanding the Beginner's Mind. The activities were fun and engaging. Both presenters spoke with enthusiasm--they kept me engaged and wanting more.

Facilitator, Chick-fil-A

Well-prepared, flowed well, nice balance of activities and ideas. Slides nicely designed.

Professor, University of British Columbia

Very engaging with actionable take-aways. Tools were practical and gave me new ideas about how to approach my work.

Founder & COO, MMR LIVE Experience Design

Polished, presented with ease an authenticity, interactive, and useful. This session gave me pause and tools that allowed me to invite my curiosity back in.

Executive Director, Creative Education Foundation

Helps to expand the mind and consider new ways of approaching problems.

Product Line Manager, ExxonMobil

I've already started using and sharing the tools that you drilled into at yesterday's CM Field Trip. THANK YOU! I love your clear intention of wanting to share all the stuff that lights you up (and work!, yes so happy to throw out the old model of brainstorming). Now, you're fired me up :)

Experience Designer & Producer

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