The Power of Curiousity

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The Power of Curiousity is part of the Mindful Innovator Track in The Innovating Everyday Program. It's a two hour workshop to help people nurture their own curiousity, but the length can be customized according to your needs.

Participants will gain:

  • an understanding of why curiousity is so important
  • knowledge on the process of curiousity
  • tools and exercises to nurture their own curiousity

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All businesses must have new ideas to sustain and to grow, and Abound Innovation is the company that teaches people how to generate them. 100% recommend to C-Suite leaders so that they can get ahead, as well as Talent Development departments to energize and inspire their workforce.

Founder & Director, Lion Leadership

The session was great, lots of effective, practical tools that are simple to understand and implement. Leo is a really engaging presenter, great energy, really articulate and focused, and very relatable!

Principal, Whestone Strategies

Leo is excellent at his craft! He was so clear and concise, and made the entire time fly by with the fun and introspective work. We all wished that we could’ve had more time to explore and create.

Kate Harris , Partner - Istoria

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