The Life-Changing Power of Curiosity

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The Life-Changing Power of Curiosity is normally a two hour workshop and can be done virtually or in-person. The regular workshop has a lot more tools to implement curiosity. You attended the preview version.

Learner outcomes:

  • learn the foundations of curiosity
  • develop understanding of why curiosity is so important
  • understand the challenges to curiosity
  • learn the process of curiosity
  • gain practical tools and exercises to nurture their own curiosity



Your company NEEDS Leo Chan’s sessions. He shares real-life stories of success and failure to inspire participants to greater heights of innovation. He has an incredible talent for making difficult concepts accessible and workable with plain language and story. His sessions utilize practical exercises during the session and provide usable tools to create immediate positive cognitive and behavioral change.

Becky Antkowiak , Chief Encouragement Officer

Leo is an incredible speaker, presenter and wealth of innovation knowledge. We were lucky enough to have him run a workshop for us, and all came away from it having learned a ton! He exposes you to theory, examples and practical exercises. He is such an innovative thinker! And a delight to work with!! Thank you Leo!!!!!

Torrey Sirdevan , Learning & Recruiting Specialist, Lab2Market

Leo provided a full day session to our management team to help us optimize innovation opportunities and foster an innovative culture. He engaged all participants through a variety of methods and the management team is still actively applying the takeaways. Highly recommend!

Mara Vande Beek, Town of Midland

Nailed it! Brought a perfect blend of information, activity, and practical skills. Bringing brain science into the discussion is so important when talking about what happens when people feel safe or unsafe and they explained it beautifully. I look forward to the next workshop!

Amanda Sidell , LCSW Director of Learning and Innovation, Northern Light Acadia Hospital

Each time I have heard Leo speak, I have had a great time, learned something new, and applied a unique routine to my life that has generated tangible results. It’s truly astounding what a session with Leo and Abound can ignite. Highly recommend!

Founder & Director, Lion Leadership

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