The Beginner's Mindset

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If you enjoyed the Beginner's Mindset workshop, we offer this workshop in two configurations: 45 min and 90 minute sessions.

  • The 45 minute experience provides an impactful experiential learning experience in a shorter format.
  • The 90 minute experience goes deeper and provides a richer experience with more tools for getting out of the expert mindset and cultivating a beginner's mindset.

Key Takeaways:

  • Participants will experience the transforming power of the beginner’s mindset.
  • Participants will learn techniques to approach problems from a new perspective.
  • Participants will learn how to cultivate a beginner’s mindset through practical tools.


Polished, presented with ease an authenticity, interactive, and useful. This session gave me pause and tools that allowed me to invite my curiosity back in.

Executive Director, Creative Education Foundation

I loved how you explained the beginners mindset perfectly and then helped us to get into it. I won’t forget now!

Writer and Artist, St. Marks Church

Absolutely loved your workshop. It was so fun to not only hear but practice a learners' mindset. The practice was the perfect way to really anchor the teaching. THANK YOU!'

CEO, Sangha Leadership Group

I loved how playful and low stakes the activities were. They were simple and yet so eye opening! Very useful to respark creativity and the beginner’s mindset.

Irene, Founder Viva Your Vision

Warm presenters, professional presentation, good movement through the hour and most importantly, useful content - nicely organized!!

Partner, Traction Strategy

It was very comprehensive including the science/research background on the subject. The presenters were clearly having fun, which by osmosis leads to the participants having fun - it was highly engaging.

Owner/President - Strathmere Associates Limited

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We design and facilitate innovation sessions that increase productivity, creativity and deliver better outcomes. We're masters of ideation, brainstorming and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. 

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All businesses must have new ideas to sustain and to grow, and Abound Innovation is the company that teaches people how to generate them. 100% recommend to C-Suite leaders so that they can get ahead, as well as Talent Development departments to energize and inspire their workforce.

Founder & Director, Lion Leadership

The highest rated innovation speaker at last year's 2020 virtual FEI event.

Front End of Innovation

Leo is a fascinating, fun, creative and inspirational speaker and teacher. You will not be disappointed by spending any amount of time with him. You will absorb his energy and zest for the fun in life that is all around us, if we just learn how to tap into it. Leo can help you do that!

Co-ordinator, Chick-fil-A Giving & Programs

Leo was very personable and made the workshop feel very lively - and kept it moving forward!

Strategy Director at McCann New York

I heard Leo Chan speak for the first time two days ago and was captivated by his positive enthusiasm and efficient storytelling. He had me hooked with a message perfectly delivered.

Public Relations Coordinator, Eve Air Mobility

Thank you so much for an incredible session. You brought so much energy, expertise, and practical applications. Truly enjoyed it. Thank you!

Presentation Specialist & Graphic Designer, Make It Memorable

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