Here's what our clients and past workshops participants are saying about us.

Testimonials from Employees becoming Innovators

Kathleen Spangler Coordinator

Leo is one of the smartest and fun loving people I know. His enthusiasm for innovation and creativity is incredibly contagious. When you spend time learning about innovation from Leo, you will go away feeling like you can conquer the world, and you will have the tools to do it.

Autumn Norris Lead Researcher

Leo's passionate and knowledgeable about innovation in a way that makes learning exciting and empowering. You will become the innovator you want to be with Leo and your organization will too.

Michael James Content Producer

Leo is a great innovator and teacher. He simplifies things and makes them approachable. Since he's always learning and growing, it's inevitable that you will get better and begin to adopt an innovators mindset.

Rebecca Epps Marketing Analyst

I have gotten the best training from such an amazing innovator. Leo has made me feel like I can do anything I put my mind to. I have become more confident in myself from the encouragement Leo provided. Do not pass up the opportunity to learn from Leo. He will not only teach you he will SHOW you how to innovate well. He will push you and never stop encouraging you because he sees the potential in you.

Testimonials from LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Workshops

Data Analyst, Fugro

Leo was amazing with this session, his energy was out of this world.

Sr. Brand Manager, Innovation - Tom’s of Maine (Colgate-Palmolive)

It was extraordinary to see how LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® allowed people to communicate and share very deep and complicated things about themselves to strangers. It’s clearly an incredible tool for driving connection and communication among team members. And it was a total blast, too!

Sr. Principal Team Leader, Service & Hospitality - Chick-fil-A

The LEGO session was interactive and allowed all the voices to be heard! Lego activities were a great way to keep energy high and leverage different thinking styles.

Geo-data Supervisor, Fugro

Excellent team building and fun session. Brought out everyone out of their shell.

Dina Miani Lauman Pastor - Garden Prairie United Church of Christ

I enjoyed the insight, playfulness, creativity and connections made with myself and others. I felt like a kid again! Leo is an expert, knowledge, professional and friendly. He has a way of inviting you in. He sees the big picture and the details that help you experience more "ah ha!" moments.

Director, Chick-fil-A HELP

Really enjoyed seeing how everyone's unique thoughts, POV, creativity showed up in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and team discussions.

Coordinator, Campus Strategy - Chick-fil-A

Leo was an awesome facilitator who put me at ease, was personable, organized and prepared. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY was a fun activity that helped get the "creative juices flowing."

Paige Engle Writer

I loved the way LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® encouraged me to just get to work instead of overthinking each answer. Being able to discover the answer through doing, instead of thinking, was so inspiring. What a fantastic way to get beyond a creative block!

Team Leader, Chick-fil-A HELP

The session with my team was OUTSTANDING. It was a ton of fun and allowed us to work through quite a few things. Your leadership in the event was remarkable.

Lead Analyst, Chick-fil-A HELP

Lego's made it fun! Leo was really a wonderful facilitator!!!!! Miro board combined with Lego manipulatives really kept it interesting.

Testimonials from Innovation Training Workshops

J. Chang Freelance Designer

I liked the flow of the presentation where Abound would explain a concept or two, then have something interactive after it to apply or understand the concept. This also helped to divide the speaking portions up so people wouldn't feel as restless. The facilitation was really great.

Sr. Director, UX - Warner Bros. Discovery

I thought it was a really good workshop. Leo was a terrific facilitator. I really liked his thought on limiting beliefs... imposter syndrome is real and stressful!

Sr. Innovation Lead Chick-fil-A

I loved the workshop. Great message! Great presentation! Great engagement! The whole workshop was engaging and impactful.

Experience Designer & Producer

I've already started using and sharing the tools that you drilled into at yesterday's CM Field Trip. THANK YOU! I love your clear intention of wanting to share all the stuff that lights you up (and work!, yes so happy to throw out the old model of brainstorming). Now, you're fired me up :)

S. Busse Story Strategist

It was super engaging and interactive. Loved the tools. Super useful for my work. Your use of story to anchor your content was fantastic. Literally the best I saw at CPSI 2022.

Principal, Whestone Strategies

The session was great, lots of effective, practical tools that are simple to understand and implement. Leo is a really engaging presenter, great energy, really articulate and focused, and very relatable!

Director, Community Care Services

This workshop was very interactive and engaging. I felt like there we a lot of practical tips on leading conversations and workgroups to get the most innovative ideas!

Facilitator, Chick-fil-A

Loved the tips + resources provided to help attendees use and understanding the Beginner's Mind. The activities were fun and engaging. Both presenters spoke with enthusiasm--they kept me engaged and wanting more.

Irene, Founder Viva Your Vision

I loved how playful and low stakes the activities were. They were simple and yet so eye opening! Very useful to respark creativity and the beginner’s mindset.

Accountant Chick-fil-A

This is a practice that should be the norm for everyone in the workplace! We all want to feel psychologically safe, so we should practice making others feel the same way. Love these sessions!

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