Here's what our clients and past workshops participants are saying about us.

Testimonials from Employees becoming Innovators

Kathleen Spangler Coordinator

Leo is one of the smartest and fun loving people I know. His enthusiasm for innovation and creativity is incredibly contagious. When you spend time learning about innovation from Leo, you will go away feeling like you can conquer the world, and you will have the tools to do it.

Autumn Norris Lead Researcher

Leo's passionate and knowledgeable about innovation in a way that makes learning exciting and empowering. You will become the innovator you want to be with Leo and your organization will too.

DeMishea Charleston Facilitator

When I think of Leo, I think of a innovator mastermind. He is a wealth of knowledge. He is patient & calm. He understand the power of small steps to reach goals. He uses modern learning tools but also simple methods that are easy to incorporate.

Litia Jones Learning Designer

Leo brings in depth knowledge and expertise along with a servant heart to teach and guide you. He's always welcoming and inviting to support you, teach you, and learn from you too. He is a true partner and coach.

Kate Thomas Accountant

You would only be doing yourself a disservice if you pass up the opportunity to spend even an hour with Leo Chan. He is one of the most remarkable people that I know. You will not be the same person you were before meeting him. He brings great experience and perspective that cannot be found elsewhere. You have stumbled upon an amazing mind!

Testimonials from LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Workshops

Director, Chick-fil-A HELP

Really enjoyed seeing how everyone's unique thoughts, POV, creativity showed up in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and team discussions.

Team Leader, Chick-fil-A HELP

The session with my team was OUTSTANDING. It was a ton of fun and allowed us to work through quite a few things. Your leadership in the event was remarkable.

Geo-data Supervisor, Fugro

Excellent team building and fun session. Brought out everyone out of their shell.

Dina Miani Lauman Pastor - Garden Prairie United Church of Christ

I enjoyed the insight, playfulness, creativity and connections made with myself and others. I felt like a kid again! Leo is an expert, knowledge, professional and friendly. He has a way of inviting you in. He sees the big picture and the details that help you experience more "ah ha!" moments.

Geo Data Supervisor, Fugro

Awesome team building. Very interesting and collaborative.

Coordinator, Campus Strategy - Chick-fil-A

Leo was an awesome facilitator who put me at ease, was personable, organized and prepared. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY was a fun activity that helped get the "creative juices flowing."

Sr. Brand Manager, Innovation - Tom’s of Maine (Colgate-Palmolive)

It was extraordinary to see how LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® allowed people to communicate and share very deep and complicated things about themselves to strangers. It’s clearly an incredible tool for driving connection and communication among team members. And it was a total blast, too!

Tanvi Mishra, Learning and Change Manager

Leo facilitated a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Workshop for our people leaders at Riverside Natural Foods, and it was very engaging, well structured, and tailored to our objectives. His creativity shone through, fostering participation and innovative thinking. Overall, Leo's facilitation greatly benefited our team's development. Highly recommended.

Data Analyst, Fugro

Leo was amazing with this session, his energy was out of this world.

Kate Harris Partner - Istoria

Leo is excellent at his craft! He was so clear and concise, and made the entire time fly by with the fun and introspective work. We all wished that we could’ve had more time to explore and create.

Testimonials from Innovation Training Workshops

Principal, Whestone Strategies

The session was great, lots of effective, practical tools that are simple to understand and implement. Leo is a really engaging presenter, great energy, really articulate and focused, and very relatable!

Founder & COO, MMR LIVE Experience Design

Very engaging with actionable take-aways. Tools were practical and gave me new ideas about how to approach my work.

Brand Entrepreneur, Twinery

Just finished listening to your inspiring and insightful conversation on Creative Mornings. It was truly eye-opening and interesting methods to breakthrough to reach new ground. Thanks again for a great session.

Workshop participant

Leo was thoughtful in explanation, layout of the presentation, and an engaging speaker. I was smiling through most of the session imaging incorporating some of the facilitation games.


This workshop almost brought me to tears. I’ve never felt smaller… in my current company. And I didn’t realize, that I wasn’t the only person who feels like this; that we all go through the same experiences… You’ve turned this pain into joy… and it’s so contagious! I can’t wait to try out these tools in my company!

Founder, WorkSmart Advantage

Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and expertise on innovation and creativity with us. So many great tools and exercises to help organizations build psychological safety while generating ideas through collaboration.

Irene, Founder Viva Your Vision

I loved how playful and low stakes the activities were. They were simple and yet so eye opening! Very useful to respark creativity and the beginner’s mindset.

Business Owner, Reiki Institute of Wisconsin

This was fun and interesting and innovative. I was able to see where I fall into the expert mindset and how to catch the warning signs and what to do once I catch them. My magnificent inner child is leaping with joy!

S. Busse Story Strategist

It was super engaging and interactive. Loved the tools. Super useful for my work. Your use of story to anchor your content was fantastic. Literally the best I saw at CPSI 2022.

CEO, Sangha Leadership Group

Absolutely loved your workshop. It was so fun to not only hear but practice a learners' mindset. The practice was the perfect way to really anchor the teaching. THANK YOU!'

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