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Custom Workshops

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshops are outcome-driven. We custom design these according to your needs and goals.
This innovative modality can be used for:

  • business strategy
  • team building
  • team alignment
  • team development
  • innovation
  • personal development
  • design thinking
  • creative problem solving
  • and so much more!
  • We'd be happy to discuss what a custom workshop would look like for you. Workshops may be conducted in-person or virtually, depending on the objectives.

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    It was extraordinary to see how LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® allowed people to communicate and share very deep and complicated things about themselves to strangers. It’s clearly an incredible tool for driving connection and communication among team members. And it was a total blast, too!

    Sr. Brand Manager, Innovation - Tom’s of Maine (Colgate-Palmolive)

    Leo is excellent at his craft! He was so clear and concise, and made the entire time fly by with the fun and introspective work. We all wished that we could’ve had more time to explore and create.

    Kate Harris , Partner - Istoria

    The session with my team was OUTSTANDING. It was a ton of fun and allowed us to work through quite a few things. Your leadership in the event was remarkable.

    Team Leader, Chick-fil-A HELP

    I enjoyed the insight, playfulness, creativity and connections made with myself and others. I felt like a kid again! Leo is an expert, knowledge, professional and friendly. He has a way of inviting you in. He sees the big picture and the details that help you experience more "ah ha!" moments.

    Dina Miani Lauman , Pastor - Garden Prairie United Church of Christ

    The LEGO session was interactive and allowed all the voices to be heard! Lego activities were a great way to keep energy high and leverage different thinking styles.

    Sr. Principal Team Leader, Service & Hospitality - Chick-fil-A

    Excellent team building and fun session. Brought out everyone out of their shell.

    Geo-data Supervisor, Fugro

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