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Leo is known to give keynotes that are impactful, actionable, insightful and inspiring. He's an energetic speaker and brings his expertise in innovation and creativity to every engagement.

Leo's talks are often the highest rated and favourited talk of participants! He's spoken at conferences all around the globe, including:

Leo Chan, B. Des., M.T.S.
Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator,
Certified Creativity Coach and
INIFAC Certified Virtual Facilitator™

Keynote Topics

Unleash Your Inner Innovator

I can innovate? YES! 1000% YES! Innovation is not reserved only for the Elon Musks and Jeff Bezos of the world. Innovation is for everyone.

In this inspiring talk, you will learn about the who, what, why and how of innovation. Most importantly, you will see that you have the ability to become an innovator. YES! You!

Come find out what innovation is all about and be challenged to embrace the call of the innovator.

• reimagine what innovation REALLY is
• connect innovation to themselves
• learn the attributes of innovators
• discover that they have innovative qualities
• actionable next steps to start their innovation journey
• be inspired that innovation is applicable to their life and work


Want a way to unlock more innovation and creativity at your workplace ?
Want a way to have more effective and productive meetings?
Want a way to get deeper insights ?
Want to help your organization think differently?

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is not a child's toy, it's a powerful business tool. It's one of the best tools available for business that you may have never heard about. 

Leo loves to showcase the power of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and show people the potential of it.

Building a Thriving Culture of Innovation

Imagine if your organization:
• thrived with new ideas because everyone was empowered to innovate
• was insulated from disruption with new revenue streams

Learn the eight key building blocks to build a thriving culture of innovation in your organization.

• an understanding of the eight key building blocks for a thriving culture of innovation
• the ability to start applying these building blocks to their organization

Creating Bigger, Better, Bolder Ideas

How innovative are the ideas in your organization? Do you actually think outside the box? Or just wish you did?

What if there was a way to actually create more innovative and creative ideas? What if there was a way to get bigger, better, bolder ideas?

• hands-on, practical tips on how to supercharge idea sessions with innovation and creativity
• facilitation best practices and workshop design tips
• innovation tools they can implement right away

Think Like an Innovator: Master Associative Thinking

Imagine the world around you as a treasure trove of inspiration, where a simple walk could lead to your next breakthrough. This is the magic of associative thinking, the secret behind the creation of Velcro, inspired by the burdock burr. It’s the skill of connecting seemingly unrelated dots to create something extraordinary.

This is a trait of the world's greatest innovators, and now it can be yours too. In this workshop, we will unravel the mystery of associative thinking and give you practical tools to implement it right away. This isn't just a concept to discuss; it's a skill to master.

• learn the key trait of innovators: what associative thinking is all about
• discover the process to associative thinking
• gain practical tools to implement this powerful mindset

Top Reasons to Work with Leo


Leo's passionate about creating innovators. He believes everyone can innovate with the right know how. He loves encouraging and motivating others to develop the innovator within.


Leo loves to understand your desired outcomes for the event to custom-craft a presentation that is best suited for your audience and organization.


People love Leo's presentations. He's consistently rated as the top / favourite speaker of many participants.


Leo is highly pragmatic. When it comes to innovation, theory only isn't enough. It's the application and the practice of it that makes it last.


Leo loves drawing in unique perspectives and insights to the world of innovation. 

Easy to work with

Leo has a really easy going personality. He's always excited to speak to new audiences and he's here to serve you.

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