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The highest rated innovation speaker at last year's virtual FEI event.

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Meet Leo.

Leo is known to provide talks and workshops that are impactful, actionable, insightful and inspiring. He is an energetic speaker and brings his expertise in innovation and creativity to every engagement.

Leo's talks are often the favourite talk/workshop of conference goers!

Leo has spoken at many conferences in the US and Canada, including:

  • Front End of Innovation (2020-2022)
  • CreativeMornings (2020-2022)
  • Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) (2021 - 2023)
  • CXTalks Atlanta
  • CXM 360 Symposium
  • Design Thinking Chicago
  • Design Thinking Virtual Experience
  • Driving Company Culture - informaconnect (2022)
  • EPIC Summit (2023)
  • IAF Global Summit
  • MRMW North America
  • National Restaurant Association
  • Paperboard Packaging Council Leadership Summit
  • SASE NC Pro (2021-2022)
  • SBC Ontario Innovation Summit 2023
  • SHRM Talent Conference and Expo
  • STORY (2021-2022)
  • The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement
  • WBECS Summit 2023 (Coaching.com)
  • WEC Mexico 2023
  • WinShape ONE (2023)

Leo Chan, B. Des., M.T.S.
Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator,
Certified Creativity Coach and
INIFAC Certified Virtual Facilitator™

“Leo Chan's presentation on innovation stood out as one of the best in WBECS 2023 (World Business & Executive Coach Summit)! His warm, practical and energetic approach kept the audience engaged throughout and the coaches were thrilled with the actionable takeaways he provided. From the session, coaches were inspired to use innovative methods to develop their own coaching practice, and to support the clients they serve.” , 

Head of Speaker Selection & Coordination


Examples of Innovation Topics & Programs

  • YES! You can innovate!

  • Creating Bigger, Better, Bolder Ideas

  • Building a Thriving Culture of Innovation


YES! You Can Innovate

I can innovate? YES! 1000% YES! Innovation is not reserved only for the Elon Musks and Jeff Bezos of the world. Innovation is for everyone.

In this inspiring talk, you will learn about the who, what, why and how of innovation. Most importantly, you will see that you have the ability to become an innovator. YES! You!

Come find out what innovation is all about and be challenged to embrace the call of the innovator.

Participants will learn:
• what innovation is really about
• why innovation is needed
• who can innovate.
• six things they can do right now to start their innovation journey

Leo Chan was an invaluable addition to our recent staff-wide conference. Not only is he a gifted speaker and leader on the subject of innovation especially, but his willingness to dialogue with our staff team in smaller group and individual settings made a huge impact on our team. He didn't just come in to speak for an hour and leave, but he was fully present with our staff. His intelligence, wisdom, humility and servant-hearted leadership made all the difference.

Manager of Internal Events The WinShape Foundation

Leo’s contagious enthusiasm, inherent curiosity, and intelligence surrounding the science of innovation is leagues beyond others in this field. He is the innovation expert and speaker you have been looking for.

Top Reasons to Work with Leo


Leo is highly pragmatic. When it comes to innovation, theory only isn't enough. It's the application and the practice of it that makes it last.


Leo's passionate about creating innovators. He believes everyone can innovate with the right know how. He loves encouraging and motivating others to develop the innovator within.


Leo loves to understand your desired outcomes for the event to custom-craft a presentation that is best suited for your audience and organization.

Easy to work with

Leo has a really easy going personality. He's always excited to speak to new audiences and he's here to serve you.


People love Leo's presentations. He's consistently rated as the top / favourite speaker of many participants.


Leo loves drawing in unique perspectives and insights to the world of innovation. 

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