The Innovation Culture Workshop

Get clear on how you can build a thriving culture of innovation in your organization today.

Are you a leader in innovation at your organization?
Do you know what it takes to build a thriving culture of innovation?
Could you use a level up on improving your current culture?

Creating a culture of innovation can be overwhelming. How do you inspire people? How do you engage people to want to innovate? 
What steps should you take? Where do you even start? There's so much to consider. 

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place.

Building an innovation culture doesn't happen overnight and it's not just one aspect that will make it happen.
You need to consider the eight key building blocks. When you have everything working together, that's when culture can start to thrive.

In this workshop

You will:

  • Discover the eight key building blocks to creating a thriving culture of innovation.
  • Complete an innovation culture audit
  • Gain clarity on where your organization is in terms of building a thriving culture of innovation. 

This is a live, interactive workshop. You'll leave with clarity and know the next right step for your organization. 

Move from __________ to ____________ with the Innovation Culture Workshop.

This workshop is perfect for innovation leaders at all levels of an organization. Whether you're a CEO, a manager, or an individual contributor, you'll walk away with the knowledge and skills you need to create a culture of innovation in your organization.

Register for the workshop today and start creating a culture of innovation that will drive your organization to success!

Space is limited, so register early.

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We'll dive into one of the key elements and determine 

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Meet Leo.

Leo is a people and heart-first entrepreneur who believes everyone can be an innovator. An innovator himself, with 55 US patents and over 20 years of experience, Leo has come alongside organizations like Chick-fil-A and guided them to unleash the innovative potential of their employees by transforming them into confident innovators.

Leo’s friendly, joyful and enthusiastic demeanour makes the journey to innovation exciting and attainable. Leo’s also a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® trainer & facilitator who believes unlocking innovation takes new approaches. 

Leo was the former Senior Innovation Lead at Chick-fil-A and former innovator at State Farm Insurance.

Start building a culture of innovation today.