Align your passions,
maximize your impact
and create the future.

Introducing the Everyone Can Innovate™ mastermind. Learn how to become an innovator in a supportive community. Make an impact on your organization and those around you with the power of innovation.

Have you ever

• felt underutilized or overlooked at work? 

• known you could do so much more IF only you were given an opportunity?

• wanted to make more of an impact but not known how?

• had ideas that never went anywhere?

• felt like you were the odd one out because you saw things differently than others?

• been in a job that didn't align with your passions and gifting?

This is a problem in many organizations.

Anyone can be an innovator, but not everyone is.

People want to innovate, but don't know how.

What if i told you

You can:
• make an impact on your work and organization
• see your ideas come to life
• leverage your creative potential
• connect your passions and gifts to your work

• be surrounded by a supportive, community of people, just like you

This is the power of innovation.
It's a transformational journey that will change your life.

Becoming an innovator will unlock your potential and leverage your creative gifts.
You don't have to work in innovation to be an innovator!

Here's the deal. Everyone can innovate. Innovation is a teachable, learning mindset and skillset anyone can learn. 

I teach innovation differently. It's not academic, theoretical or abstract. It's approachable, accessible, practical, tangible and enjoyable.

These aren't my words, they're from the many people I've coached to become innovators.

I'm passionate to empower people to become innovators.

Mastermind Details

Everyone Can Innovate is a mastermind program.
You'll learn in a cohort community, in a two week learning cycle. 
Every two weeks, you'll gain a new innovation superpower.

1. Schedule

WEEK ONE: innovation training 

The heart of this program are the LIVE virtual innovation workshops. These are NOT your typical training workshops. They are camera-on, experiential and interactive. You'll spend time working through exercises, debriefs, reflections to maximize your learnings and drive growth. 

WEEK TWO: group Coaching

There will be regular LIVE group coaching calls where you and other cohort members can ask anything you want! Maybe you have questions from the training. Maybe you need advice on a project. Jump in to be on the ‘hot seat’ or listen from other cohort members and learn.

2. Access to a Community of Innovators 

You'll join the private Everyone Can Innovate community.
People who are like-minded and just like you.
You’re not a unicorn! Being surrounded by other innovators and creatives will make you more innovative.
The online community also serves as your digital resource portal for replays, handouts and more.

3. Here's What You'll Gain

Increased Creativity

You'll boost your imagination and creativity in new ways.

Problem-solving Skills

Level up your problem-solving abilities with innovation tools.

Cognitive Flexibility

You'll grow your brain's ability to think differently.

Critical Thinking

Learn new ways to think critically about problems.

Innovation Superpowers

You'll think and do as an innovator. For real.

Leadership Skills

Becoming an innovator will future-proof you as a leader.

Make Impact

You'll have greater personal and professional impact.

Become an Innovator!

You'll learn everything it takes to become an innovator.

4. Three Learning Categories

Here's your three learning categories for innovation.

1. Awakening Innovation

Discover the groundwork for your journey to becoming an innovator. You'll discover what innovation is all about and what it takes to really innovate.
We'll cover four topics.

2. Supercharging Possibilities

Reinvigorate your imagination, unleash creativity and awaken possibilities. You'll learn what it takes to really think differently, for real.
We'll cover six topics.

3. Forging Reality

Make your dreams a reality. Turn intangible concepts into tangible forms and learn how to do differently. See how you make your ideas come to life in the world.
We'll cover four topics.

Leo has mentored me in a way that has stretched my development and equipped me with skills that I will be able to utilize through my career.

He's a key influencer in innovation. He has an infectious a positivity and can always make the day brighter with a warm smile. He's a true servant leader.

Ashlea Reiser, project lead

            Meet Leo            

Hi, my name is Leo and it's SO nice to meet you!
I'm the founder of Abound Innovation Inc.
I've had the honour and joy of developing thousands of innovators all around the world and can't wait to share my experiences with you! I have 20+ years of experience in innovation & creativity.

I'm the former Sr. Innovation Lead from Chick-fil-A and former innovator at State Farm. I was the catalyst to create a thriving culture of innovation at Chick-fil-A. I led an internal Innovation Coaching program and developed, mentored and coached regular employees to become innovators! I also redesigned their 30,000 sq. ft Innovation Center, Hatch! I'm also a named inventor on 55 US patents. It takes an innovator to teach innovators.

I believe anyone can become an innovator and I have the passion, experience, knowledge and drive to get you there. My goal is to give you the confidence to be an innovator in whatever role, industry and company you're in. You're success is my success and I'm here to support you every step of the way.

I'm looking forward to journeying together with you.

Leo Chan, B, Des., M.T.S.

• LinkedIn Learning Instructor
• SXSW 2024 Speaker
• Certified Creativity Coach
• Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator: Design Thinking, Strategy, Teams and Groups
• Certified Practitioner of Human-Centred Design
• INIFAC Certified Virtual Facilitator™
• Licensed trainer of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods

I have gotten the best training from such an amazing innovator.
Leo has made me feel like I can do anything I put my mind to. 

I have become more confident in myself from the encouragement Leo provided. Do not pass up the opportunity to learn from Leo. He will not only teach you he will SHOW you how to innovate well. He will push you and never stop encouraging you because he sees the potential in you.

Rebecca epps, marketing analyst

I'm in! Sign me up!

We're offering this mastermind at a special introductory rate of $4,997.
Sound like value? It sure is. This as our first-ever public cohort and you'll never see prices this low again.
Spots are limited.

Payment Options:

pay in full

Pay in full once. Save $1000.
This is your best value!

  • 14 unique innovation topics
  • Access to all live events and on-demand replays
  • Community cohort
  • BONUS : Creating a Thriving Culture of Innovation Module
  • BONUS: Two 1x1 Coaching Sessions with Leo
  • Start January 2024



pay as you go

Use  our flexible payment plan. Pay monthly.

  • Two innovation topics monthly
  • Access to all live events and on-demand replays
  • Community cohort
  • Start January 2024


797USD / month

Hear from our Innovators

Still have questions?

Book a discovery call with Leo. On this call, we'll clarify what your desired outcomes are and determine if this is a good fit for you.


Will this work for me?

10000% YES!!! You don't have to work in innovation to be an innovator!

I've helped people become innovators:
1. in various departments: Project Management, Agile, Supply Chain, 
Learning & Development, Social Responsibility, Human Resources, Marketing, Consumer Research, 
Help Desk, IT, Business Incubation, Customer Experience, Field Operations and Restaurant Development, Management and Wastewater Operations. 

2. in all job levels: analysts, coordinators, entrepreneurs, small business owners, researchers, designers, scrum masters, accountants, facilitators,
consultants, advisors, project leads, learning designers managers, directors, operators, VPs, and everyone in between!

3. in all industries: automotive, CPG, education, food, geo-spatial, healthcare, government, medical, nonprofit, property management, real estate, retirement, startups, and technology.

Is this for me?

This mastermind is for you if you have any of the following characteristics: 

• interested in innovation. You're interested in learning about innovation and what it all means.

curious. You're a curious cat. You're someone who is inquisitive and asks questions. You love to explore rabbit trials and see where they go. 

enjoy solving problems. You're a natural problem solver. You love coming up with new ideas

enjoy learning. Any lifelong learners in the house? You love to learn. You're committed to ongoing personal and professional development.

open-minded. You're open-minded to anything and everything. You love to explore possibilities and see where things go.

enjoy ambiguity. You thrive in the grey, the unknown, the ambiguous. You rather be told what not to do than what to do.

think differently. You think different from others. You find yourself with thoughts or ideas that most people have not considered or thought about.

• creative. You have a creative flair to you. You enjoy the process of creativity and creation.

How does this mastermind work?

All workshops and coaching calls will be conducted live on Zoom and recorded for on-demand replay. Training workshops will be between two to four hours. Coaching calls will be one hour. We'll create a schedule that works for most people. Note: All sessions will be recorded and placed in a secured, members-only area as well!

What if I can't make a session?

Not to worry! We record all sessions and you'll have access to them in our members-only area for as long as you are a member. 

How does billing work?

Depending on your payment plan, you'll either be billed monthly or annually. Your membership will be paid automatically unless you choose to cancel.

What currency will I be billed in?

Our membership plan is billed in US dollars (USD).

How can I fund this?

If you work for an organization, many companies offer their employees some version of "personal development dollars." This amount of money can be used for personal development - whether it be for courses, conferences or other events. You could absolutely use your personal development dollars for the Everyone Can Innovate mastermind. We'd be happy to give you a receipt for invoicing purposes. Because we're launching this in January 2024, you can take advantage of your year-end budget and possibly your next year budget!

What if I still have questions?

Let's get on a call and address any outstanding questions you have: