Develop Innovators

Developing innovators is our passion. Anyone can become an innovator and we have the know-how to get them there. 

We build innovation capabilities in organizations through experiential training workshops and programs.

Innovation Training

All of our workshops are done experientially. This makes learning 6x stickier

vs traditional methods. We utilize a variety of methods to make

our workshops engaging, interactive and memorable.

The Beginner's Mindset:
Unleash the World of Possibilities

Have you ever been stuck on a problem and couldn't find a way forward? Have you ever wanted to have more ideas with fresh perspectives?

The answer to these questions is found in The Beginner’s Mindset. This mindset is foundational for innovation and creativity.

Through this experiential workshop, participants will experience the transforming power of the beginner’s mindset for themselves. Participants will receive tools and techniques to take a fresh perspective and cultivate the beginner’s mindset as a life-long practice.

Safety First:
Empowering Courageous Innovation

Psychological safety is the foundation for innovation.

The creation, sharing and exchange of ideas is the foundation of innovation. However, these things can be vulnerable and scary. This human element of innovation can be the roadblock that prevents organizations from truly innovating.

So how do you create the conditions for success to enable a free flow of ideas in innovation? The answer is psychological safety. 

In this experiential workshop, participants will learn what it takes to cultivate a healthy environment that empowers courageous innovation. Participants will be equipped with tools to develop this for themselves and others.

Bigger, Better, Bolder Ideas

Take your ideas to new heights!

Creating better ideas for yourself and your team is an art. Learn to supercharge you and your team's ideas! 

In this session, you’ll get hands-on, practical tips on how to supercharge your next idea sessions and infuse them with innovation and creativity.

You’ll leave this session with ideas and tools on effective ideations that you can implement right away.


Become a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Certified Facilitator!

Our founder Leo is a licensed trainer of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method with Strategic Play Global.

Leverage this incredibly powerful methodology to unlock deeper insights, build commitment and create engagement. You'll engage 65% more of your brain and engage everyone in the room.

Become certified to facilitate LEGO SERIOUS PLAY sessions in your organization!

Training Testimonials

The session was great, lots of effective, practical tools that are simple to understand and implement. Leo is a really engaging presenter, great energy, really articulate and focused, and very relatable!

Principal, Whestone Strategies

Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and expertise on innovation and creativity with us. So many great tools and exercises to help organizations build psychological safety while generating ideas through collaboration.

Founder, WorkSmart Advantage

This was fun and interesting and innovative. I was able to see where I fall into the expert mindset and how to catch the warning signs and what to do once I catch them. My magnificent inner child is leaping with joy!

Business Owner, Reiki Institute of Wisconsin

All businesses must have new ideas to sustain and to grow, and Abound Innovation is the company that teaches people how to generate them. 100% recommend to C-Suite leaders so that they can get ahead, as well as Talent Development departments to energize and inspire their workforce.

Founder & Director, Lion Leadership

It was very comprehensive including the science/research background on the subject. The presenters were clearly having fun, which by osmosis leads to the participants having fun - it was highly engaging.

Owner/President - Strathmere Associates Limited

Leo was thoughtful in explanation, layout of the presentation, and an engaging speaker. I was smiling through most of the session imaging incorporating some of the facilitation games.

Workshop participant

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