Creating Safe Environments 
for Innovation

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We offer this workshop in three configurations: two and three hour sessions. 

Two hours session

Three hours session

• good mix between a shorter length format and the longest format.

• goes the very deepest and provides a richer experience with more tools. It also allows for longer conversations too.

Key Takeaways:

  • Participants will learn what psychological safety is and isn’t and why it’s so foundational for innovation.
  • Participants will learn the challenges and roadblocks that prevent psychological safety in innovation.
  • Participants will gain tools to create a healthy, psychologically safe environment to empower innovation for themselves and others.

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This is a practice that should be the norm for everyone in the workplace! We all want to feel psychologically safe, so we should practice making others feel the same way. Love these sessions!

Accountant , Chick-fil-A

Nailed it! Brought a perfect blend of information, activity, and practical skills. Bringing brain science into the discussion is so important when talking about what happens when people feel safe or unsafe and they explained it beautifully. I look forward to the next workshop!

Amanda Sidell , LCSW Director of Learning and Innovation, Northern Light Acadia Hospital

It had an awesome structure and super clear concepts. The empathy and the importance of a safe environment was mind blowing!

Director Digital Disruption, Nadro

I love the practical tools for both self and group work that we can put into immediate practice. Thank you. It is a challenge to hold space for others while also on our own journey.

Identity Coach , Left of Sunset

Super inspired! Will focus on using encouraging words with others who are less confident, and will also focus on using encouraging words with myself when others are shutting my ideas down.

Digital Literacy Exchange Program Facilitator, YMCA of Greater Vancouver

This workshop embraced innovation as it was teaching about innovation. The methods were engaging and thoughtful and the instructors modeled the safe behaviors that were being encouraged and explored in the learning.

Morgan Mazzei , Staff Developer RN

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