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Build Your Innovation Capabilities

Welcome to the Innovating Everyday Program. Our program focuses on your most important assets - your people. Your people are the closest to the problems your organization faces. They're the ones most suitable to solve those problems.

We transform your people into confident innovators. How? We teach innovation thinking (mindsets) and innovation doing (skillsets) through a series of innovation training workshops.

Innovators create innovations. Innovators transform organizations. 

We're here to help you build innovation capabilities in your organization. 

Program Benefits

Increased revenue

Innovation in your organization results in increased revenue. New ways of thinking impacts your bottom line.

Prevent disruption

Innovation ensures your organization is relevant in a changing marketplace.

Stay ahead of the curve

Innovation allows you to pursue what's next and stay ahead of the competition.

Employee development

Equip your employees with innovation mindset and skillset training. They'll be equipped with new ways of thinking that will literally change their lives.

Increased morale

Your employees want to make a difference at work. They want to bring their ideas forward and make impact. Innovation gives them a path forward and creates satisfied employees.

Employee retention

When employees know their ideas are valued, they feel seen and heard. Happy employees stay at companies. 

How it Works - Program Details

  • Core Curriculum

  • The Mindful Innovator Track

  • The Skilled Innovator Track

  • The Holistic Innovator Track

A solid building starts with a solid foundation. These are the foundational workshops for the program and helps determine what tracks comes next.

The Core Curriculum includes four workshops:

• Innovation Foundations

• Creating Safe Environments for Innovation

• Unleashing the World of Possibilities through the Beginner’s Mind

• Building a Thriving Culture of Innovation

How to get started.

We customize our program based on the innovation needs in your organization. Schedule an innovation audit so we can discuss your biggest needs and problems when it comes to innovation.

Topics Covered

Innovation Thinking
  • Psychological Safety - the foundation of innovation
  • Beginner’s Mindset
  • Curiousity
  • Associative Thinking (Connecting the dots)
  • Collaborative Mindset
  • Being Bold
  • Prototype Thinking
  • Creative Resilience
Innovation Doing
  • Building a Thriving Culture of Innovation
  • Problem Definition & Framing
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Research Techniques
  • Idea Generation (Brainstorming & Ideation)
  • Creativity
  • Prototyping Methods
  • Rapid Iteration

Training Testimonials


Your company NEEDS Leo Chan’s sessions. He shares real-life stories of success and failure to inspire participants to greater heights of innovation. He has an incredible talent for making difficult concepts accessible and workable with plain language and story. His sessions utilize practical exercises during the session and provide usable tools to create immediate positive cognitive and behavioral change.

Becky Antkowiak , Chief Encouragement Officer

Abound Innovation is my go to for Innovation Education. Whether I am trying to provide foundational courses to new innovators, or need some additional education for the more advanced practitioners, Abound is able to provide excellent, engaging courses which always get great reviews from participants. This is the only innovation course provider that I have found which always creates practical application for each topic. Innovation can feel very "up in the air" and lofty, but Abound breaks down these concepts well to ensure participants can become applied innovators, which is the ultimate goal. Very happy with my experience!

Kate Thomas, Chick-fil-A

Polished, presented with ease an authenticity, interactive, and useful. This session gave me pause and tools that allowed me to invite my curiosity back in.

Executive Director, Creative Education Foundation

Absolutely loved your workshop. It was so fun to not only hear but practice a learners' mindset. The practice was the perfect way to really anchor the teaching. THANK YOU!'

CEO, Sangha Leadership Group

Nailed it! Brought a perfect blend of information, activity, and practical skills. Bringing brain science into the discussion is so important when talking about what happens when people feel safe or unsafe and they explained it beautifully. I look forward to the next workshop!

Amanda Sidell , LCSW Director of Learning and Innovation, Northern Light Acadia Hospital

Very engaging with actionable take-aways. Tools were practical and gave me new ideas about how to approach my work.

Founder & COO, MMR LIVE Experience Design

I loved how playful and low stakes the activities were. They were simple and yet so eye opening! Very useful to respark creativity and the beginner’s mindset.

Irene, Founder Viva Your Vision

Working in the space of deep technology startups, it can be challenging to find practitioners who have both the experience, as well as the teaching skills to effectively convey what it takes to bring an innovation to market. Leo and Abound Innovations Inc did just that. Leo is a fantastic communicator and eloquently broke down the desired topic into practical takeaways that could be put into practice right away by our participants.

Wesley Kosiba , Deep Tech Startup Manager, Lab2Market

Get started.

We customize our program based on the innovation needs in your organization. Schedule an innovation audit so we can discuss your biggest needs and problems when it comes to innovation.

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