About Us

abound /ə'bound/: to occur or exist in great quantities, to be rich and well supplied and to be filled.
Innovation (inə'vāSH(ə)n): transforming ideas into business value.

At Abound Innovation, we have the knowledge + expertise to cultivate and sustain an abundance of innovation & creativity for all. 
We believe thriving cultures of innovation & creativity can be unleashed everywhere. 
We believe this is the way it was meant to be.

Our Vision

To impact the world with the power of innovation.

Our Mission

To unleash the power + joy of innovation & creativity to all. 

We accomplish this through inspiration, strategy, training, workshops and practical application.

What We Do

We empower workforces with:
• the mindsets to become innovative

• the tools to innovate
• innovation facilitation

We demystify innovation in tangible and result-driven ways.

Meet Our founder

Leo brings 20+ years of experience to the world of innovation and creativity. He’s the former Senior Innovation Lead at Chick-fil-A and former innovator at State Farm Insurance.

Leo was the catalyst for a thriving culture of innovation at Chick-fil-A. Leo redesigned Hatch, Chick-fil-A's 30,000 sq ft. Innovation Center, transforming it into an epicenter for innovation. He developed, trained and mentored Chick-fil-A innovators. He also designed and created innovation events attended by 1000+ employees.

Leo is an expert on innovation & creativity. He's spoken at the Front End of Innovation, CreativeMornings, STORY, National Restaurant Association, CX Talks, MRMW North America, the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement and the Creative Problem Solving Institute. He'll also be presenting at the IAF Global Summit and SASE Pro later in 2021.

Leo's been featured on innovation podcasts, blogs and websites.

He’s also a formally trained graphic designer, a named inventor on 41 US patents, insatiably curious and a lifelong learner. Leo pulls in the latest from the world of innovation and creativity. 

Leo Chan, B, Des., M.T.S.
Licensed trainer of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods + Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator + Certified Creativity Coach + INIFAC Certified Virtual Facilitator™

Our Beliefs

Everyone is creative.
Everyone can be an innovator.
There is untapped potential in every organization.
Innovation unlocks that potential.
Innovation is the vehicle that transforms people and organizations.
Innovation is the way to make lasting impact.

Our mottos

Everyone is creative.
Everyone can be an innovator.
We > Me
Share everything & give generously.
Stay curious & learn always.
Have fun! Play matters.

What people have said

All businesses must have new ideas to sustain and to grow, and Abound Innovation is the company that teaches people how to generate them. 100% recommend to C-Suite leaders so that they can get ahead, as well as Talent Development departments to energize and inspire their workforce.

Founder & Director, Lion Leadership

Your visionary leadership and creativity had a tremendous impact on the organization; your warmth, optimism and kindness had a positive impact on me.

Business Consultant - Chick-fil-A

I heard Leo Chan speak for the first time two days ago and was captivated by his positive enthusiasm and efficient storytelling. He had me hooked with a message perfectly delivered.

Public Relations Coordinator, Eve Air Mobility

Leo brings energy and inspiration to every situation. He's the most encouraging person I know with the know-how to help you navigate uncharted territories. Leo is the "yes, and" coach that will help unleash your creative potential.

Lead Researcher, Customer & Market Insights - Chick-fil-A

Leo's talk by itself made the two days worth it.

2019 Innovation Summit Conference Participant

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