Innovation skills make up 8 of the top 10 job skills needed for 2025.

Prepare for the future by learning how to innovate today. Consider your current workforce.
Are all your employees equipped with the skills needed for the future?
Don't fall behind your competition. Get equipped now.

Ask yourself:

Are innovation skills the
top eight skills of
your workforce?
Does your organization
flourish with new ideas
and possibilities?
Do you know how to create and sustain a thriving
culture of innovation?

Do you know how to unlock the untapped innovative potential of all your employees?

Is your organization ready
and equipped to innovate?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, we can help you. 

Our Mission

We create everyday innovators to ignite organizational transformation.
We take out the guesswork and demystify innovation in tangible and result-driven ways. 

Research from Boston Consulting Group shows

of companies say
innovation is a priority.


but only 20% are ready and equipped to innovate.


How we help you.


Build the innovation capabilities and skills in your organization to stay ahead of the competition. We teach innovation thinking and doing through our innovation training workshops.

We're passionate about turning your employees into confident innovators. We help you create a sustainable approach to innovation within your company. 


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is an outcome-based methodology. It's used to purposefully move the needle on business challenges, design thinking, creative problem solving, strategy, team development and more.

Leverage one of the 
best methodologies on the planet for innovation and creativity!


Looking to move the needle on project work? Need help with applying innovation to current work?

We design and facilitate innovation sessions that increase productivity, creativity and deliver better outcomes. We use innovative tools to get the best from your people. Get your innovative sparks flying.


What they've said

All businesses must have new ideas to sustain and to grow, and Abound Innovation is the company that teaches people how to generate them. 100% recommend to C-Suite leaders so that they can get ahead, as well as Talent Development departments to energize and inspire their workforce.

Founder & Director, Lion Leadership

I love the efficiency of the session -- it was extremely well organized and well-run. Leo was great -- his calm demeanour provided a great vibe for the team and the session was well-thought out and executed.

He was super helpful and patient with the team. This session did not feel stale or repetitive as other sessions have felt and it was so thorough that by the end of the session I felt confident with the outcome.

Carolina Madrid, Chief of Staff - Guardhat Inc.

It was super engaging and interactive. Loved the tools. Super useful for my work. Your use of story to anchor your content was fantastic. Literally the best I saw at CPSI 2022.

S. Busse ... Story Strategist

Our clients

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I heard Leo Chan speak for the first time two days ago and was captivated by his positive enthusiasm and efficient storytelling. He had me hooked with a message perfectly delivered.

public relations coordinator

Eve Air Mobility

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